Me..An Idol? How can that be?

Posted on December 6, 2015 at 6:20 PM

Have you ever received a revelation from God about something destructive but then found yourself doing that very thing? I have. Let me tell you the story.


Once while working for a retail company I found myself angry at the injustices I saw and experienced. Such injustices as someone who put forth little effort receiving praise and those who busted their backside daily were virtually ignored. Friend's of management were given raises beyond what they deserved and if you were not in their little click, you received the minimum allowed.


One day I began to focus a little too much on these injustices after someone was given an award for the work I had done. The focus was on the injustice done to me! This led to a list of injustices I played again and again in my mind to the point that I absolutely hated my job.


I would tell myself that I wasn't appreciated, I wasn't paid enough for the amount of work I dd, and I wasn't respected. For two to three weeks I focused on this day in and day out. I hated my job and I was miserable all the time.


I had an opportunity to attend a weekend getaway with some ladies from my church and was so excited to get away and not think about my workplace. The theme for the weekend was letting go of whatever was in your past that was holding you back from walking in victory. Do you know that yesterday is your past?


Because I had already dealt with my “past” in my mind, thinking about my childhood that led to me writing the book, Who's Really In Control, I thought to myself, this is going to be an easy weekend. We were asked to spend some time alone with God asking him to reveal this “thing from the past” and then we would join a partner to pray for one another.


I sat down and said “Well, God, I'm just going to sit here and praise you because we've already dealt with my past.” God replied, “What about the idolatry?” I was totally shocked. I actually stopped breathing for a minute. I asked God what he was talking about because to my knowledge I had never worshiped an idol. He answered, “What has been your focus over the last few weeks?”


And then I understood. God had revealed to me a long time ago that all sin can be traced to selfishness. I had been too focused on myself and had not sought God in the situation. I had made myself my idol. I repented of my idolatry and gave the situation over to God. Two things happened after that. 1) I experienced super natural peace in my job and 2) God gave me a job with a God Honoring company that treats me with the respect and honor deserving a child of the Most High God. Everyone there is treated that way!

I was hired in on 11-12-12. In the Bible the number 11 stands for disorder, caos and judgement. The number 12 stands for completeness and God's power and authority. I take my hire date to mean through God's power and authoriity he took me from caos and disorder into completion jobwise. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


In seriousness though, if you are focused on your lack rather than taking it to God, that lack becomes your idol. Replace the word lack with job, money, a spouse, yourself, or anything other than God, and it is an idol in your life.


Search yourself today and ask God to reveal to you if you have any idols in your life. Be open and willing to listen because I guarantee you, you will be so much better off. As I say in my book, you can be bitter or you can be better. It's up to you and it's just a one letter choice away. You don't want “i.”

Be blessed to be a blessing!


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