Did God promise us a rose garden?

Posted on June 16, 2015 at 10:00 AM

My father’s side of the family had a Reunion in Texas recently. I had the opportunity to attend, although I live 1500 miles away.

The trip started out interesting. We left Monday morning and by that afternoon, I had a rash on my face and hands. By Tuesday evening, my face and fingers were swollen, in pain and itching enough to drive one crazy. Apparently weeding my rose garden before we left was not a good idea.

As I tried everything I knew to relieve the pain and itch, I was reminded of a saying people quote: “God never promised you a rose garden.” Although I understand the analogy attempt in this saying, if we were to really analyze it, we would see that a rose garden is exactly what God promised.

He says there will always be weeds in our life (garden) that if not tended to will wreak havoc and ultimately destroy the beauty (rose) He has given us (life). There are also thorns in a rose garden, on every stalk that holds the beautiful rose. We sometimes find thorns in our life, whether that be a circumstance that hurts or a person that hurts us. Roses are not only beautiful, they have a pleasing aroma. That is how God wants us to be; beautiful with a pleasing aroma, dealing with the thorns and weeds gracefully.

Rather than getting upset about seeing family with a red, blotchy, and swollen face, I just thanked God that a rash was the extent of the problem and continued my vacation with a smile, although it was a bit crooked from the swelling.

But that’s not the end of the story. As I was cooking myself a Texas shaped waffle in the hotel’s breakfast room, I touched my fingers on a metal part of the waffle maker that was extremely hot. I burned three of my fingers, the middle finger the worse. It hurt so bad that I thought I was going to go into shock. All I could think of was all those people who have been burned over large portions of their bodies and wondering how they handled the pain. I was grateful it was only my fingers.

After soaking my fingers in a glass of ice water and then in iced aloe vera juice for two hours, only the middle finger has any signs of being burned and there is no pain at all. Again, rather than getting angry at my situation, I thanked God it was not worse than it was.

I still have the rash 8 days later and my finger is numb where it was burned, but all-in-all, I thank God for a wonderful and safe road trip, for time with my family, and for overall good health.

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!


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